On the 7th of October 2020, the 2nd online meeting was held within the Erasmus project Harmonization and Innovation in PhD Study Programs for Plant Health in Sustainable Agriculture (HarISA) related to the goals achieved so far and defining the next tasks with which project teams of eleven different University units should be involved. Part of the project activities was prolonged or postponed due to the crisis caused by the general pandemic caused by COVID-19, but with the expert guidance of the main coordinator from the University of Zagreb prof. Renata Bažok, attempt will be made to find other solutions and overcome the problems and successfully continue according to plan. In the previous phase, the project submitted a "mid-term" report, which EACE assessed as acceptable, especially in the implementation of financial objectives, and the project team successfully entered the phase of demand for the second part of the financial resources. The project coordinators presented the problems they face in the implementation of certain activities, and potential solutions are proposed, so that all the set goals could be implemented within the given time frame.

The project continues its work and plans to hold 5th online workshop in Tirana, Albania, in mid-November. It was emphasized that special attention should be paid to the project's promotional activities, easily accessible website at all University units with easily visible logo and project information, emphasize the promotion of project information via Fb, Instagram and other digital applications, and inform and motivate students about future PhD studies in the field of Plant Protection. The coordinator also stressed that the procurement of planned equipment by "non-EU" partners is supposed to be successfully completed by the end of the year. In order to meet the final project outcomes, procured equipment should be engaged as much as possible by potential PhD students who are already in the project or are interested in future PhD studies.


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